We aim to ensure that a constant flow of our work is done on a pro bono basis for the benefit of the community, whether for charities, public bodies or any other organisation where people have the need but not the means to get some support in the fulfilment of their goals.

If you know someone who might benefit, we’d love to hear from you

We are particularly interested in working with people focused on issues around inclusion and opportunity. We are also keen to work with anyone in organisations who focus on these issues

"After four months of coaching sessions with The Alexander Partnership, my perceptions about myself, my leadership skill, and my interaction with others in the work environment have changed remarkably. I now feel more in control of my emotions and I am more reflective when dealing with challenging situations. I cannot thank them enough because through their insight, compassion, and ability to get to the root of an issue they have assisted me in focusing on my goals and the steps I need to take to reach them. I am always significantly positive and invigorated after my session with The Alexander Partnership."

"It’s like The Alexander Partnership has a sixth sense – they can see what’s on your mind before you can. They gently help you recognise it and then somehow make the fog go away. We have so much clarity now on how to realise our vision at Equaversity"

"The Alexander Partnership has been a huge asset to me leading my service out of Covid. Our sessions have given me clarity of purpose, detailed plans to that I have implemented and the confidence to go out and influence those around me to make the changes I need"

“I've benefited from coaching from The Alexander Partnership for almost 10 years. At every crucial decision point, they have helped me reflect, be present and respond in a way that can have the greatest positive impact.”

“I was a sceptic. I’m now a convert. Alexander coaching enabled me to overcome what was holding me back. I wouldn’t be in this role, let alone a success, without it.“ Kurtis, CEO of Police Now