Accelerator programmes 2

The Client

A Global Strategy Consulting Firm

Coaching mission

To provide high potential pre-partners with the personal skills needed to become high performing, future leaders of the organisation.


  1. To enable each participant to fully understand their unique value, skill-set, strengths and personal drivers, empowering them to build on their talents.
  2. To identify and unblock any inner barriers that interfere with being at their best (e.g. fear of presentations, confidence in certain situations, balance between work and home) and to find the practical support to address those blockages.
  3. To develop the self-awareness to recognise when they need to adapt their behaviour under stress and to provide the tools to help develop effective responses.
  4. To help the cohort to consciously develop their personal brand and navigate the key stakeholders within the firm.

Cohort Sizes:

8 people (programmes are typically 8-12 people)

Alexander Programme Structure: a combination of

  • Three workshops where individuals could share their experiences and learn skills, tools, psychological frameworks and theories to give them a better understanding of themselves and the challenges they face.
  • In between workshops, each participant received 4 one-on-one coaching sessions to:
    • identify and build on what they bring to the organisation
    • create a focused action plan to address specific concerns or blockages

Duration: Three cohort sessions were combined with one-to-one sessions over 4 months.


  • The cohort individuals created valuable, cross-company relationships.
  • Challenges and internal barriers were removed, enabling the participants to grow and increase their impact within the organisation.
  • The company was able to engage, motivate and empower their high potentials.
  • Company-wide awareness was raised around the challenges that can hinder personal growth and how to overcome them.
  • The cohort developed a reinforced confidence and a sense of purpose.


The company found the programme highly impactful and has repeated it several times for new cohorts.