Culture Development 2

The Client

A multinational leisure company

Coaching mission

To enable the executive team to successfully lead change and empowerment throughout the organisation, developing talent and embedding a high-performance culture.


A leading, well established hospitality company was embarking on an aggressive expansion strategy, diversifying across the wider leisure industry. In order to successfully manage the transition to a multi-national, multi-brand organisation, they needed to shift from a centralised, command-and-control culture to a more customer-centric approach across their businesses and markets.


  1. To facilitate the design and delivery of a transformation programme, centred around company values and the processes necessary to create impactful change.
  2. To enable a more open, trusting mindset, receptive to change, growth and innovation.
  3. To create more accountability, introducing more support but also challenge.
  4. To upskill managers to lead and deliver the transformation programme across the company, leading change, managing risk and coaching for performance.
  5. To facilitate better communication and build stronger collaborative relationships.

Alexander Programme Structure

A two-year programme involving one-to-one coaching sessions and meetings with the Executive Board, combined with leadership workshops for 100 top managers. They would be taught the skills to then coach their own teams – cascading a new way of leading, thinking and behaving across the company.


  • The coaching achieved a complete shift in the company’s way of thinking and the way in which they led the business. There was greater focus on people development.
  • This in turn led to greater confidence, empowerment and innovation.
  • By teaching managers to coach their own teams in delivery of the transformation programme, the company was able to achieve stronger employee engagement.
  • Stronger communication and working relationships were established.


Alexander’s programme created a strong alignment of the company’s culture with its business strategy, leading to stronger cohesion and a platform for further expansion.