Culture Development 1

The Client

A newly merged multinational drink and brewing company

Coaching mission

To enable the executive board and top management to fully exploit the synergies created by the merger and develop a dynamic company-wide culture.


Following the merger between two prominent companies to form the world’s largest market player, the new organisation engaged Alexander to help instil a high-performance culture in order to execute an aggressive consumer-led strategy to further strengthen its position.


  1. To facilitate the clarification of the Executive Board’s goals and priorities, building on strengths and enabling alignment around the new company’s strategy and values.
  2. To align on the culture principles that would drive change.
  3. To create a more adaptive and open mindset, focused on innovation and growth.
  4. To facilitate better communication and stronger relationships between the newly integrated top team.
  5. To enable the identification and implementation of the processes that would consolidate the new culture and vision.
  6. To equip the leadership team/ HR and internal Comms with the critical communication and messages to boost morale and productivity.
  7. To help the top team to agree on achievable and measurable outcomes.

Alexander Programme Structure

A two-year programme involving one-to-one coaching and team building sessions with the Executive Board, combined with leadership workshops and feedback sessions for the executive board and the top 200 managers cross the globe.


  • Through role modelling and changing mindsets, employees became more adaptive and open to change.
  • Better communication led to innovation and better work practices.
  • Overall the company was better able to exploit synergies and accelerate growth.
  • In parallel to Alexander’s work, the company introduced new remuneration and reward policies, which incentivised performance and led to stronger results.


Alexander’s programme instilled a high achieving mindset and new leadership behaviours that enabled the company to consolidate on the merger more rapidly and continue to advance.