Executive and Leadership Team Development 2

The Client

A global health care company

Coaching mission

To enable the executive team to build a tangible vison for success and lead the organisation through change, with strategic clarity, pace and authenticity.


The new CEO wanted to put in place a global, more aggressive, consumer-led strategy in order to drive growth in an increasingly competitive market. The consequent shift from a ‘regional silos’ to a ‘category-based’ business model; required the development of a collaborative, high performing leadership team that could deliver greater innovation and creativity – swiftly and in the most seamless way possible.


  1. To align the team’s vision, goals and priorities and increase its visibility.
  2. To help the team to agree on achievable and measurable outcomes.
  3. To fully leverage synergies across the group.
  4. To forge a stronger team dynamic; better communication and mutual accountability
  5. To encourage more feedback and exchange amongst team members.
  6. To identify opportunities for improvement and the necessary change processes.

Alexander Programme Structure

Three Exco offsites over 18 months, supported by one-to-one coaching sessions with the CEO and individual team members. The offsites combined: deep-dives on the team’s current state and progress, bi-lateral dialogues to enhance and accelerate relationships, peer-to-peer feedback and employee and senior management surveys on the team’s impact and culture.


  • An acceleration of the team formation and development process.
  • Measurable improvement in the quality of dialogue, support and challenge in the team – leading to enhanced alignment and a greater focus on results.
  • A deeper understanding of individual strengths, collective ability and what was needed to perform at an optimal level.
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration across geographies and disciplines – leading to faster decision making with greater strategic focus.
  • The attainment of strategic objectives and higher employee engagement.


Alexander’s programme created a more resilient, agile and outward looking team – ready to face extremely tough market conditions and turn obstacles into opportunities. The company has not only been able to survive great change – but has found ways to continue to thrive.