Executive and Leadership Team Development 1

The Client

A global consumer business

Coaching mission

To provide the team with the necessary toolkit to lead the company through this huge transition – from both strategic and behavioural aspects


The global company, a leading player in a mature industry, needed to adapt to a dramatic shift in demand for its core product, due to a changing consumer landscape and a challenging business and regulatory environment.

This required a change in mindset by the global product development team; greater agility, creativity and conviction were needed in order to create and implement a radically different product strategy that would tap into new markets.


  1. To enable the team to align its purpose and strategy and gain greater clarity around priorities.
  2. To build on the team’s strengths and channel innovation and solutions focused thinking.
  3. To strengthen the team dynamic and develop a mindset of resilience and focus.
  4. To equip the team with the necessary communication skills and platforms to engage the workforce as well as the local markets.
  5. To enable the team to maintain engagement and focus throughout the transition.
  6. To help the team to agree on achievable and measurable outcomes.

Alexander Programme Structure

One-to-one coaching sessions with the individual team members, combined with company-wide feedback assessments and team workshops over a two year period.


  • The team is currently on track to achieve their goals. The coaching process enabled them to adapt quickly to a changing market and to engage company support.
  • The team was significantly strengthened and was able to overcome many challenges, not least implementing the structural changes needed to better position the company in the new landscape.


Alexander’s programme created a more resilient, agile and outward looking team – ready to face extremely tough market conditions and turn obstacles into opportunities. The company has not only been able to survive great change – but has found ways to continue to thrive.