Covid 19: Leading for mental wellbeing through a crisis

Podcast with Dr Judith Mohring, Consultant Psychiatrist,
interviewed by
Lloyd Wigglesworth, Partner, The Alexander Partnership

Dr Judith Mohring

Lloyd Wigglesworth

At The Alexander Partnership, we are witnessing and challenging the unprecedented strain that Covid 19 is causing for senior leaders and employees at every level of our organisations. Globally.

Anxiety over work and family are leading to stress, loneliness, burnout and depression.

Great leaders are recognising that they need to act now to support the mental health of their teams – not only because this is absolutely the right thing to do but because it is imperative commercially.

We have been working with Dr Judith Mohring, a leading psychiatrist with several London practices, who is an expert in anxiety, mental health in the work place and positive psychology. She has previously worked on the frontline of an AIDS epidemic in Romania and is currently helping a number of Covid patients.

In this podcast, she draws on her unique perspective to offer practical advice on how leaders, their teams and whole organisations can manage stress during these difficult times.

We will be working with Dr Mohring over the next weeks and months to use the science of well-being, positive psychology and cognitive flexibility to help our clients combat the specific challenges they face in their industries.

Our aim is to enable leaders and their organisations to come through this crisis more resilient, creative and resourceful – so that ultimately, they can adapt and be ready for the new business models and metrics that will inevitably be required on the other side of this pandemic.

Please let us know if we can help you or your teams.

Becky Falkingham,
CEO, The Alexander Partnership

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