Leading in uncertainty

Leading in uncertainty with David Gregson –
move from blame to aligned interests

David Gregson

Lloyd Wigglesworth


The Alexander Partnership

In our latest ‘Talking Leadership’ podcast, Lloyd Wigglesworth from The Alexander Partnership talks to boardroom veteran David Gregson, who delivers some fascinating perspectives on what we can learn from different leadership styles during this current socio-economic crisis.

A hugely experienced businessman, David has sat on more than 30 boards and chaired at least half of them – including Phoenix Equity Partners where he was Co-Founder, The Lawn Tennis Association and the largest social and healthcare charity in the UK, CGL.

Some of his key lessons and advice for leaders include:

  • Be honest that, as the leader, you do not have all the answers
  • Bring people together with diverse perspectives to avoid group think. Reassess whether your talent pool has enough outside views
  • Empower and align people by setting out a direction and a compass rather than loads of rules
  • Reimagine the future whilst focussing on the unique assets of the business. Consider giving a group of people that task as their prime responsibility
  • Ensure, as the leader, you retain enough headspace to see the opportunities emerging from the crisis
  • Align the whole organisation behind a common objective. Move people away from blame to aligned interests.

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