The need for clear communication from leaders

In this Talking Leadership podcast series – we talk to business leaders on key themes surrounding business and leadership – here we speak to PWC’s Chairman and Senior Partner Kevin Ellis about the disruption caused by COVID-19.

Kevin Ellis
Chairman and Senior Partner

Lloyd Wigglesworth


The Alexander Partnership

In this podcast, Kevin identifies several critical areas for business leaders including the importance of clear, confident and simple communication as we emerge from lockdown, through to emerging opportunities that businesses will have the other side of recession.

Topics discussed include:

1. Leaders must continue what they have learnt about the importance of over-communicating during lock-down
– communicate clearly, confidently and simply; particularly important given the competing distractions remote workers experience at home
2. Many offices will be downsized
– working remotely and the flexibility to work remotely is becoming the norm. Many businesses will save costs with small head offices as they have experienced the effectiveness of home working. A new social contract will be necessary for employees
3. Building rapport virtually is a critical new skill to develop future sales
4. Leaders have been making key decisions during the crisis with smaller groups for speed and effectiveness
– uncertainty can be exacerbated with too many people contributing to and slowing down the decision-making process
5. Recession is impending but it is very different from the last one
– compared with the 2008 recession there will be more capital available for investment. The exit from this recession will be deals-led and will represent an opportunity for businesses with cash on their balance sheet.

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