Daniel Minis

Associate Partner


Daniel is a leadership consultant that brings a combination of business psychology and 8 years of consulting and coaching at board level.

With a BA in Business Psychology and a MA in Psychoanalytic Studies Daniel brings deep knowledge of current frameworks for leadership and people management. He is a PhD Researcher in Coaching Psychology.

His consulting work focuses on the people-side of change, from aligning FTSE100 executive teams around their strategy to advising the famed German Mittelstand on how to make change stick. He has worked across many major industries, including Retail, Finance and Transport.

Daniel combines empathic curiosity for his clients with a supportive nature, that allows him to build deep relationships, fast. His warm presence and candour enable the tricky conversations needed to make change possible.

In his coaching work, Daniel balances free-flowing conversation with a lightly held structure that will produce clear action points. He brings psychological insight that helps his clients achieve long lasting change and maximise both their impact and their satisfaction in their roles.

He is an expert in providing psychometric assessments 1:1 as well as leading team interventions.



Graduate of Tavistock Executive Coaching Programme

KDVI: Global Executive Leadership Mirror (GELM Certified) KDVI: Organisational Culture Audit (OCA Certified)

Hogan Assessment Systems: HPI,HDS, MVPI Certified Practitioner

The Myers-Briggs Company: MBTI Step I Certified

Strengths Profile: Strengths Profile (Certified Practitioner)