Francesca Lanza Tans

CEO, Partner, Advisor & Coach


Francesca brings tremendous experience of coaching the C-suite, partners, boards and executives across many industries, with a particular focus on professional and financial services, technology and media companies, spanning all geographies. Having spent decades working and coaching at the top of global organisations, Francesca has developed an innate and deep understanding of the pressures, challenges and opportunities that come with leadership. She works with her clients to develop and shape those skills and behaviours that distinguish successful and impactful leaders in today’s complex, dynamic and interconnected working environments.​​

Francesca’s wealth of commercial and strategic experience was gained throughout her investment banking career at JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs, where she held senior management positions across Europe, Asia, the US, the Middle East and Africa. During this time she advised clients on a full range of financial opportunities and lead some of the firm’s key strategic initiatives.​

Clients value Francesca’s energy, acumen, and her strategic and commercial insight. In particular they appreciate her ability to combine the art with the science of coaching: her Masters in engineering, her love of neuroscience, combined with her empathetic Mediterranean spirit and her years of coaching experience, blend to make Francesca’s approach to coaching unique: safe and protected, yet challenging, disciplined, practical and instantly impactful.​

As a native Italian, who grew up in New York City and has lived and worked across four continents, Francesca truly embraces diversity and understands the challenges and opportunities that arise from working in multi cultural, global environments.



Fellow of the Institute of Coaching, McClean/Harvard Medical School

Certified Business Coach from the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches

Graduate of the Meyer Campbell Mastered Coach programme

“Francesca takes coaching to a whole new level: she is also my guide, my sounding board, my strategic advisor. Her executive background means she understands my world and its challenges. She is equally comfortable discussing numbers and emotions, and this is so powerful! I feel supported yet challenged across all domains…”

Executive, Global Investment Bank

“It's the mix of warmth and challenge that Francesca brings to each session that enables me to kick off feeling heard and respected and finish off feeling focused, sharp and energised... "

Partner, Global Law Firm​

“Francesca has an unfailing ability to challenge your normal patterns of thinking with the pertinent question delivered with a laser-focus that doesn’t let you off the hook, regardless of how hard the answer is to confront. It helps that Francesca is smart, wise and empathetic in equal measure. I can’t recommend her highly enough and will continue to seek out her counsel as long as she will let me."

CMO, Global Media/Entertainment